WellStar Health System betrayed our trust. Kevil Wingo did not have to die and WellStar’s willful negligence should be exposed. WellStar owns 11 hospitals and manages 40+ facilities, including senior care facilities. We need to know that when our loved ones are in the care of WellStar that they are safe and receiving quality care. We cannot allow for our hospitals to neglect anyone for any reason. Medical providers have an obligation to respect the dignity and rights of the patient regardless of socioeconomic status, personal attributes or nature of health problem, age, sex, race, creed or color. We need non-judgmental care and when that is not provided we need Accountability.

Here is the letter from Attorney Timothy Gardner to show what you can do in making calls for justice:

• Call the Cobb County District Attorney Joyette Holmes at 770-528-3080. Demand that they reopen the Criminal Investigation into the people that killed Kevil Wingo.

• Call Congressman David Scott at 770-432-5405 and demand that his office charge the people who killed Kevil Wingo.

• Call State Senator Jennifer Jordan at 404-656-6446 and demand that her office charge the people who killed Kevil Wingo.

• Call Georgia Board of Nursing at 478-207-2440 and demand that their office reevaluate WellStar Nurses Annaleen Visser, Yvette Burton, Samantha Garland, Shanna Griffith, Kelly Jones and Shannea Hopkins’ licenses.

• Call WellStar Health Corporate Office at 470-644-0100 and demand that WellStar terminate the Nurses involved in Kevil Wingo’s lack of care.